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Bounce House Rentals

Greenfield, MA 01301

(413) 341-6196
Click Here!http://partyrentalspecials.comhttp://partyrentalspecials.comhttp://partyrentalspecials.comhttp://partyrentalspecials.comshapeimage_34_link_0shapeimage_34_link_1shapeimage_34_link_2

We offer you the areas largest selection of commercial grade bounce houses for rent. We have over 30 different themes and different units to custom match to your party. The expressions on kids faces are always priceless when they see their favorite character come alive on initial inflation. With our lowest price guarantee, you can rest assured that
we will give you the lowest price you find on local bounce house
rentals of equal quality. 


Castle Bounce Houses:    $189     Extra Large:   $219

Themed Jump Houses:     $199     Extra Large:  $219


Having been in the party rental business for a few years we have encountered many satisfied customers, but by far the most excited ones are those that have booked bounce house rentals in Belchertown, MA or the surrounding communities of Holyoke, South Hadley and Ludlow. What are they so excited about? The lowest party rental prices in the area excite them because everyone loves saving money when planning the entertainment event of the year. Our customers also become excited anticipating the best customer service in the area because we always aim to put our customers first and treat them like royalty. We have convenient hours, a website that showcases our rentals and services and we are easily accessible if you have a question or concern about the rental units you have booked for your party or event. We also give our customers peace of mind when they book with us because we are fully insured and licensed.

Booking your party rentals, including bounce houses, in Belchertown, MA can’t be any easier than ordering online using our website or picking up your phone and talking to our friendly staff. We have all the main ingredients for a successful party, including entertaining inflatable units like our bounce houses, water slides, tents, tables and chairs. See our complete selection on our website and pay particular attention to the kid-pleasing bounce houses that include the popular Shrek themed bounce house, the Incredibles bounce house, Luau Party themed moonwalk, Happy Birthday/Circus bounce house and our Sports Themed bouncer. The younger kids really love the Curious George bouncer and don’t worry, there is plenty of room for several kids to jump and bounce at the same time. Adults can observe the fun by peering through the mesh-covered openings. For larger jumping fun as well as a slide and basketball hoop take a look at the combo bounce houses on our website. All of the bounce houses are colorful, have fun front panels and are cleaned and sanitized before each event. They are also inspected on a regular basis to be sure they are in good condition. Nothing is more important than providing good, clean fun when all you
want is to throw the best party ever!


Greenfield, MA 01301
(413) 341-6196

Bounce House

Disney Princess Castle
Bounce House

Mickey & Minnie
Bounce House

Toy Story Bounce House

Superman Bounce House

Transforming Robo Cars Bounce House

Bounce House

Finding Nemo Bounce House

Bounce House

Happy Birthday Confetti
Bounce House

Halloween Bounce House

Ballerina Bounce House

The Incredibles
Bounce House

Happy Birthday Circus Bounce House

Girl Power Bounce House

Bounce House

SpongeBob Bounce House

Mickey w/ Ears Bounce House

Monster Truck Bounce House

Strawberry Shortcake Bounce House

Bounce House

Bounce House

Disney Princess Bounce House

Princess Option 2 Bounce House

Cats and Dogs Bounce House

Ninja Turtles Bounce House

Graduation Bounce House

Bounce House

Cars, Trains, and Planes Bounce House

Dream Castle Bounce House

Pink & Purple Princess Bounce House

Pink & Purple Graduation Bounce House

Pink & Purple Princess Option 2 Bounce House

Pink & Purple Dora
Bounce House

Bounce House

Curious George
Bounce House

United We Stand
Bounce House

Bounce House

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Greenfield, MA 01301 413) 376-8981